The core activity of Fresh Fruit Services is a fruit trade. We offer a wide range of fruit of different varieties. The most important are apples, but we also offer pears, plums, cherries and blueberries packed, prepared and supplied accordingly to our customers expectations.


Apples are our main commercial product. The most popular among our customers are sweet and crunchy apples. These includes Gala, which is becoming increasingly popular among both, producers and customers. We specialize in this variety, however, we have also in offer: Empire, Gloster, Idared, Jonagold and clones, Sampion, Spartan, Golden Delicious, Elise, Boskoop, Elstar, Cortland. 

We prepare the fruit accordingly to customers wish. We pack in bags, cartons, boxes. We pack in terms of color and size.

dostępność all year


Blueberries ranks second in terms of sales. This tasty and healthy fruit is very popular in Western Europe and increasingly in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Our main varieties are Bluecrop, Duke, Spartan, Brigitta.

Packaging availbale: 125g, 200g, 250g and 500g, and the 4-5 kg boxes.

dostępność July / August / September


We also offer fresh pears. It is planted in Poland, but the best quality fruit comes from the Benelux countries  where the conditions for the production are the best. Through cooperation with our partner Achiel Ryckaert which is a Belgian producer of this fruit, we can guarantee all the year-class product.

dostępność all year


We also offer fresh cherries, raspberries, plums and morelo cherries

dostępność depending on the season