Fresh Cut Fruit

krojoneIn 2011 Fresh Fruit Services has launched the production of fresh cut fruit. This product acquires consumers in the United States and Western Europe. This is a great product for fast living people who wants to stay fit, great snack during travelling and a healthy substitute of sweets for children.

Our new packaging line cuts apples, grapes, pears, or a mixture of these fruits into pieces and packs it into small plastic bags weighing from 80 to 120 grams. Daily we are able to produce about 80 thousand units. The use of the latest technology and production in the microbiologically clean environment provides fourteen days of products  shelf life. The advantage of our product is that it has no preservatives. This product is targeted for healthy living people. It is also a great alternative for children, replacing unhealthy or sweet snacks, served in a way to encourage youngsters to reach for them.